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About Us

The Cosmic Team

Our Story

I have been playing board and card games as long as I can remember.  I received Monopoly as a gift for my seventh birthday, and my Dad graciously played with me until midnight.  Throughout my teen years, there were plenty of all-nighters playing Axis and Allies. As a father myself, I endured the humiliation of having my wife and son mercilessly defeating me in Munchkin.  These fond memories are why I love board games and why Cosmic Dice Games exists. Our goal is to create quality games that anyone can play, regardless age, gender, belief, culture, identity, and race. More importantly, we want to bring people together and creating lifelong memories.  Our philosophy is that if you can get people to play board games, you can build lifelong relationships and achieve anything.

At Cosmic Dice Games, we love board games, plain and simple. Some might say we are obsessed, and what better way to indulge our obsession than to form a company.  Collectively, we have been playing board games for over fifty years and that’s no small feat given our competitive nature.  So why not start a company to share our passion with everyone else.  We strive to design quality board games that are fun, educational, and engaging.  

Board Game on and Prosper.



“I like the characters.”

Gemma Martin

like that it is easy to learn and turns go by quickly.”

Philip Grey

“I like how the states work and the electoral college. I think it is really educational.”

Macey Collins

Game Benefits

In A World

In a world where everyone stares at a screen, we forget how great it is to sit around the table with family and friends, hang out, talk, spend quality time, and have fun with a simple board game. No phones, no charging, no online distractions, just good old quality time with the people you love. At Cosmic Dice Games, we want people to have those experiences.

Teaches problem solving

Games can reduce stress

Encourages teamwork

Teaches to set goals